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J. James McFarland is a commercial illustrator, fine artist, and graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Goal-oriented project management is not only his methodology, it is his manner of life.

J. James is known to smile in the face of deadlines.

I was just married on 10/11/2020.

We held a virtual reception combining livestreaming, pre-recorded video, illustration, animation, and more! It was a joyous day, and a grand technological achievement.

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J. James McFarland creates and sells a diverse collection of artwork and artwork products.

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J. James LOVES comics, using storytelling to create an emotional reaction from his readers. His comics include people of many ethnic backgrounds and outward appearances because his biological family is a mix of European, Native American, and Korean peoples. His oldest self-published zines were specifically intended to bridge the gap between many people and to create a social world of tolerance and understanding.

A goal of his work is a desire to build a saner, healthier, more compassionate world. He believes in the principle of attraction rather than promotion.

He regularly enjoys building engines, swing dance and drawing comic books.

Logo Designs


J. James has designed many logos for a variety of companies and LLCs. Here are some of his favorites and a page of logo designs.


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J. James McFarland draws monsters!
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J. James’s background in business management (including running the operations of a chain of businesses)

has given him a thorough range of experiences in time management.

Transforming big concepts into straightforward visuals is part of his life daily.

He likes to help clients structure their own creative businesses.

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